What must you know about the operative ways to practice counting cards?

Card Counting is a method, which allows blackjack players to know when the benefit can shift in their favor. In this situation, card counters shall enhance their bets. If the advantage changes in favor of a card dealer, the counters shall place no bet or smaller bets. It has been mathematically proved that cards of high-value benefit players more than dealers. On the other hand, low-value cards benefit dealers. Counting cards is difficult to master but it is a pretty easy skill. You should get equipped with strategies, how-to-guide, history, and legalities of card counting.

Basic strategy

The basic strategy for primary players is the Hi-Lo strategy. In this system, the high cards (10-Ace and face cards) are given a specific value. The low cards (2-6) are given a+1 value and the remaining cards are counted as 0.

It is an easy strategy to follow for beginners while playing at land-based casinos or online casinos. As card dealers deal with a card, for example, 10, then you may count it as -1. When the next card that is dealt with is 3, the value becomes +1. The cumulative total is 0.

The idea is to do this constantly with every new card without breaking the sum till the deck is again shuffled. When you keep things simple, you shall find the calculations simple.

Advanced Strategies

After you have mastered the basic Hi-Lo card counting strategy, you have completed card counting on fingers. If you want to switch over to complicated techniques, you might have many options.

  • Omega II

It is a balanced system, where 0 is the base. This strategy was developed by Bryce Carlson. It is a sophisticated system compared to the classic 0, -1, and +1 values.

  • 9 is -1
  • 4,5, and 6 are 2
  • 2,3, and 7 are 1
  • Ace Cards and 8 are 0
  • Face cards and 10 are -2

If the count is positive then there are more low cards in a deck. If the count is negative then there are many high cards in the deck.

  • Group Play

Some card counting needs a team effort. The advantage is that multiple decks may be counted at the same time on multiple tables. A team uses signals for communicating with each other and avoid detection.

For the first-timers, it is recommended to begin with the easiest strategy Hi-Lo. As you gain experience, you can opt for advanced strategies. You should be 100% confident to have mastered this game before you try card counting.